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Tear trough fillers are an anti-ageing treatment that requires no surgery, no downtime and little discomfort. Find out more about them in today’s blog post! Including as well as reasons to have them; benefits of treatment; and what other options you could consider here in Cardiff.

How tear trough fillers work

This aesthetic treatment targets the under-eye area to restore lost volume using a powerful hyaluronic acid gel. This not only plumps the skin, but balances moisture and can even encourage collagen production.

Reasons for tear trough fillers

Our clients in Cardiff choose tear trough fillers to reverse the appearance of under-eye bags, dark circles, crepey skin and lines and wrinkles. With age, the skin can begin to appear thinner and we lose fat – such as in the under-eye area. This can create a hollow or sunken appearance, make the complexion look duller or generally create a tired and aged effect.

Benefits of tear trough fillers

These dermal fillers offer quick results – often immediately after treatment. With little recovery or downtime, and often very little chance of side effects (though some do experience redness, tenderness and other side effects associated with injections). The skin’s quality and appearance is improved and rejuvenated, while the area looks plumper and more wide-awake. Lines and wrinkles can also be softened.

Anticipated results from treatment

As with most dermal fillers, you can expect long-lasting results from tear trough fillers. Many of our Cardiff clients experience results immediately, which then last between 12-18 months on average. A top-up is then required to maintain the effects of the dermal filler.


There are many other aesthetic treatments you could try to treat the under-eye area, but we find dermal fillers offer the full package as they address the loss of volume as well as any lines and wrinkles. However, you will want to consider treatments like anti-wrinkle injections, if lines around the eyes have been created through repeat expressions (such as smiling and laughing). A consultation will help determine which treatment options are suited to your unique skin.

Pre and post-care for tear trough fillers

Looking after your skin before, during and after treatment is essential to creating the best possible results and outcomes. Our experienced team will advise you on what to avoid in the early days after your fillers, as well as in the lead-up to your appointment.

To enquire about dermal fillers or tear trough fillers in Cardiff, speak to our team today.