Lines and Wrinkles

There are two types of lines and wrinkles – those that stem from thinning and drying of the skin as we age, and those that develop due to repeated facial expressions such as smiling and frowning, which tend to be deeper and more pronounced. At Dr Kathryn Aesthetics, we offer treatments that deal with these face concerns.

Recommended Treatment: Anti Wrinkle Injections

Tired Eyes

When we’re young, volume is held high in the cheeks and around the eye area by firm, supple skin, but as that suppleness wanes, gravity draws volume down the face, which can leave the eye area looking drawn and tired, with dark hollows and gatherings of crepey skin known as eyebags.

Recommended Treatment: Tired Eye Rejuvenation

Sagging Skin / Loss of Volume

In youth, our skin is rich in collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, keeping it firm, supple, and hydrated. As we age, levels of these crucial substances drop away, and volume is lost in the cheeks, leaving us with a more gaunt or drawn look. At Dr Kathryn Aesthetics, we offer treatments that tighten the skin, restore facial volume, and treat face concerns.

Recommended Treatment: Cheek Augmentation

Lip Size / Shape

Not everyone is blessed with naturally full, shapely lips, and even those that are – lose volume and definition due to the ageing process. At Dr Kathryn Aesthetics, we offer treatments to contour the lips, define the border and Cupid’s Bow, hydrate and smooth the skin, and add volume, delivering natural-looking, beautiful results.

Recommended Treatment: Lip Enhancement

Teeth Grinding

Involuntary teeth grinding/jaw clenching does more than damage the enamel of the teeth – it interrupts sleep, and causes facial aches and even terrible migraines. At Dr Kathryn Aesthetics & Skincare, we offer a treatment which will stop night-time teeth grinding and give you the much needed relief you are looking for.

Recommended Treatment: Teeth Grinding Treatment